Review: The Cowboy's Claim
Harlequin Special Editor
June 2020
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Wayne Jordan | RATING: A
REVIEW: The premise of THE COWBOY’S CLAIM, the first in The Tillbridge Series, from Nina Crespo, is a familiar one. Chloe Daniels is an actress looking for her next role. Her big break will only be possible if she lands an upcoming role in her favorite director’s new movie. However, there is a small problem. Chloe is afraid of horses, something which is important to the movie role, so her agent makes arrangements for her to experience life at Tillbridge Stables, in order for her to get comfortable around horses.

Unfortunately, when Chloe arrives at Tillbridge Stables, things take an unexpected turn. The owner, whose care she had been assigned to, has to leave on business and places her in the ‘care’ of the manager, Tristan Tillbridge, who tried to ignore her presence and puts her in the care of the staff. Tristan and Chloe are the perfect example of opposites attract. Chloe is a determined, independent female, while Tristan is a strong, brooding male. The attraction between them is immediately, but both are reluctant to give into those unexpected feelings. What develops is a wonderful story, with a few twists and lots of romantic angst as our hero and heroine come to term with the chemistry between them.

The Tillbridge Stables, its staff and the characters play an important part in the feel and mood of the story. For readers who love cowboy stories, this is the perfect book for you. There are not enough ‘cowboy’ stories featuring African American protagonists and this is a welcomed addition to the genre.

Ms. Crespo writes with an ease which is refreshing. Smooth pacing, likable characters (along with Chloe and Tristan, there is Rina and Mace), and a compelling plot make
THE COWBOY’S CLAIM a solid read. Readers will be pleased to know that although this book is Ms. Crespo’s debut Harlequin release, she is an established author with an extensive backlist.

Harlequin must be lauded for this new acknowledgement of diversity, and while I will miss the Kimani Romance line, adding authors of color to their already established lines, suggests that Harlequin is going in the right direction.
THE COWBOY’S CLAIM is a worthy addition to the Special Edition line (a line which I have enjoyed since its debut in 1982). I look forward to reading, HER SWEET TEMPTATION, the next in the series, out in October 2020.

3rd June 2020 |