Review: The Boyfriend Project
Hachette Books/Forever
June 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Janet Caldwell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Three women, jilted by the same man, unite to form a support system after deciding to swear off men and concentrate on “finding their life’s truth”.

Samiah Brooks, London Kelly and Taylor Powell become fast friends after learning through a social media post that they are dating the same man. They turn lemons into lemonade and vow to form a support system and meet periodically to encourage each in the pursuit of their life’s passion.

Despite the pact, Samiah breaks rank for an office romance and this story follows her anxiety as she vacillates between her life’s truth, her new man and her demanding career at computer software giant Trendsetters IT Solutions.

BOYFRIEND PROJECT started off slowly but redeemed itself with a suspenseful plot twist, comedy and a HEA ending. In addition to the main characters, Samiah’s sister and the philandering man who causes the clandestine meeting of our three heroines have prominent roles in the story.

Without divulging too much about his backstory, cutie Daniel Collins is a new hire at Trendsetters. He is a computer geek with impressive credentials. His expertise goes further than his resume reveals. There is an undeniable connection between him and Samiah at their first meeting. Unfortunately, they both have rigid life plans that do not include the roadblock of a relationship.

I enjoyed Rochon’s unique suspenseful adventure and following Samiah and Daniel’s journey to realizing life plans can be altered to include romance. This is the first story in her new series which will possibly continue with stories involving the remaining heroines and their comical quest to “getting themselves in a position to find significant others”.

1st June 2020 |