Review: Sins of a Saint
SINS OF A SINNER - Sherelle Green
Indendently Published
October 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Jennifer Copeland | RATING: A+
REVIEW: SINS OF A SAINT by best-selling author Sherelle Green is an amazing spectacular and phenomenal book! This book had me on the edge of my seat to the point that I couldn’t put my kindle down. This is the Book #2 in The Crowne Legacy Series. I would recommend that you read the books CARTER’S UNDOING and FACE DOWN FRIDAYS before reading this book so that you can be familiar with the characters. SINS OF A SAINT tell the thrilling love story of Saint Crowne and Taraj Walker.

Saint Crowne is head of the crew called The Drifters. What Saint does through a broker is to clean up after a something dangerous has happened. He is known as a professional cleaner. He is also a part of the Crowne family. Taraj Walker is a professional assassin. Saint and Taraj have history together as they are best friends as well as each other first loves until Taraj broke up with Saint and went with his best friend. But everything as not as it seems and Saint will find that out in the near future.

Saint and Taraj see each other again when Saint is called to do a cleanup and Taraj is there. When they see each other again, the chemistry between them is smoldering hot. Taraj asks Saint to help her save his ex-best friend because he’s been kidnapped. Will Saint and the Crowne’s help Taraj? Will the pair of former lovers give in to the passion that is between them? Will secrets be revealed? You will have to read
SINS OF A SAINT by Sherelle Green to find out.

Ms. Green does an outstanding job with this book! The storyline/plot is very well-written. It flows seamlessly throughout the whole book. The love scenes throughout the book are hot, spicy and sizzling. Saint and Taraj have that sexual chemistry that is just so hot that it would singe the pages!  i took me on a roller coaster ride! When I say that I was on the edge of my seat, believe it! The suspense in this book is amazing! It had me guessing what was going to happen and it kept me engaged the whole time.

What I love about
SINS OF A SAINT is the characters. A few of the characters had me laughing! I love how all of the Crowne family members’ nicknames are alcohol themed. Hollis and Queenie had me laughing so hard until tears came into my eyes. I also loved how the Crowne family is so closed knit and how they protect their own. Ms. Green shows us in SINS OF A SAINT you never forget your first love and soulmate.

Overall, I loved reading
SINS OF A SAINT!  In fact, this book is one of the best books that I have read so far in 2020. I can’t wait to see what Sherelle Green has in store for the rest of the Crowne Legacy series

8th November 2020 |