Review: Seduced By A Steele
SEDUCED BY A STEELE - Brenda Jackson
Harlequin Desire

April 2020
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: They’re back! Those six ultra handsome brothers with the Smokey Robinson eyes who are also known as the Bad News Steeles of Phoenix, Arizona.  There are only two remaining single brothers, Mercury and Gannon.  SEDUCED BY A STEELE is Mercury’s story. From the first chapter, the reader is quickly engaged when Mercury, a car collector, spots his vintage car on the street that he reported stolen. What are the chances! Of course, he calls the police and follows the car until the driver parks it at a shopping mall. The confrontation between Mercury and the female driver marks the beginning of an intriguing story. Enter Sloan Donahue, the driver and “thief” of the “stolen” car.

Sloan’s back story drives the well-developed storyline. Her contentious relationship with her parents, the arranged marriage to a man with a lover, and a ton of money that she is expected to receive all play a significant part in her decision to flee Cincinnati, her hometown. Mercury’s extreme measures to help a “damsel in distress” are encouraged by his parents, questioned by his brothers, and even Sloan herself. After Mercury becomes aware of Sloan’s story, he is convinced he’s doing the right thing. Plus, there’s a chemistry that exists between Mercury and Sloan that will not be denied. Yet, Sloan abhors the idea of Mercury “taking care of her”. The reason will become clear as you read their story.

Loved, loved, loved revisiting the Steele family of Phoenix, headed by Drew and Eden Tyson Steele, that has grown with the marriages of four of the brothers. If you are not familiar with Galen, Tyson, Eli and Jonas’ stories, I recommend them. At the opposite end of the side characters spectrum are the parents and want-to-be husband of Sloan. These folks are a piece of work. However, the Boo-Hiss Award goes to Sloan’s father, the pretentious Carter H. Donahue. I’ll let you discover why. As bad as he thinks he is, he is no match for the incomparable Mercury Steele. The Epilogue houses a wonderful HEA.

Forged of Steele Series, written by the prolific Brenda Jackson, a collection of engaging, sexy, entertaining stories, beginning with SOLID SOUL (2006), showcases another premiere book family. I recommend them, along with Mercury’s story, SEDUCED BY A STEELE. Enjoy!

6th April 2020 |