Review: Seasoned
SEASONED - Delaney Diamond
Garden Avenue Press
July 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: SEASONED by Delaney Diamond includes three unique stories about Renee Joseph, Adelaide Flores and Jackie Bryant. SEASONED is the perfect title to convey that these friends have had some life experiences, but they still have passions that are unfulfilled.

The first story kicks off with Renee, who is totally annoyed with her neighbor Clive. Annoyed, and attracted to, in actuality. Renee acts too old for her age and Clive acts too young for his age, so maybe they can meet somewhere in the middle. Clive pulls things out of Renee that she probably hadn’t shared with others, like why her marriages failed. Ms. Diamond reminds us that no matter how mature we think we are, we still have insecurities. The enemies to lovers’ theme works well.

Adelaide and Hector Flores have been divorced for less than a year. Ms. Diamond provides background to get the reader acclimated to their past married life. A family issue causes Adelaide and Hector to spend more time together and the story seamlessly flows from there. I like how Ms. Diamond allows them to reconnect, reminisce and be a support for their family in the process. I enjoyed the second chance love theme.

Jackie Bryant is a successful business owner who encourages full figure women to own their curves. I love her confidence! Tyson is successful in his own right and is focused on rebuilding relationships in his life. It’s interesting how Jackie and Tyson reconnect after having a fling ten years ago. Tyson is still definitely her type; tall, dark and handsome. He’s also confident, persuasive and ready to show Jackie that he sees her in his future. He’ll do whatever it takes and some may not agree with his tactics. They have to get past a major issue in order to move forward. They’re both flawed, but ultimately their heart is in the right place. When I first started reading, I wasn’t so sure about this story line, but Ms. Diamond makes it work very well.

Ms. Diamond is able to tell three distinct stories in one book that flows well. I wasn’t ready for the stories to end, but at the same time they were complete. I liked how they provided each other with varying viewpoints, which made the stories realistic. The physical scenes also fit each of their personality. The strong friendship and support of Renee, Adelaide and Jackie is the recurring theme throughout
SEASONED and I highly recommend it.

26th August 2020 |