Review: Sanctuary
SANCTUARY - Alexandria House
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October 2020
Paranormal Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell  RATING: A
REVIEW: For all the Paranormal story lovers out there, there’s a new Sheriff in town. Alexandria House has penned her first Paranormal Romance, and it’s a winner. Brownhaven, Mississippi is the setting where we meet the heroine, Temple “YaGurlTemple” Camden and the hero, Sampson “BabaTunde117” Ibrahim. You’ll get that when you read the story. These two amazing people first meet as teens in high school in Brownhaven. Their friendship blossoms into young love and their prom night becomes a night to remember and to forget.

I love this story, and I love when an author steps out of the proverbial box to tap into another genre. The fact that the protagonists are immortals, and they come from a lineage of African royalty does it for me. Moreover, prolific author, Alexandria House presents a credible historical background that sheds light on their existence. While Sampson (Sam) has an idea of his lineage, Temple doesn’t have a clue. Although twenty years pass before Temple and Sam are reunited, he has always known that Temple is his “sanctuary”. (Swoon)  It hardly seems adequate to describe their chemistry as sexy, sensuous, or seductive. While it’s all that, Ms House undeniably raises the bar when Sam and Temple’s lovemaking produces earthquakes, and thunderstorms. Oh My! One of my  favorite scenes occurs when Temple and Sam arrive in Bilowga, the land of gods and goddesses, for the first time via apportation. Temple is introduced to some intriguing characters. No spoilers. I’ll let you discover who they are.

The side characters play very minor roles in main characters’ development.
SANCTUARY focuses on Temple and Sam and recovering lost love. Their HEA is out of this world!

SANCTUARY is a well-written story that will engage you from the opening chapter to the last page, and I recommend it. If you are not a fan of Paranormal stories, that might change once you read this story. Ms. House adeptly combines romance and the paranormal to give you an entertaining and enjoyable story. Check it out; you won’t be sorry.

17th October 2020 |