Review: Playing For Keeps
Artistry Publishing
September 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Delano “Del” Greer is featured in the Book #2 of the Game Changers Series. He, along with his twin, Lance, Ethan (PLAY TO WIN), Noah, Rock, and Jeret are co-owners of the Game Changers Sports Bar in their hometown of Providence, Virginia.  They refer to themselves as “Brothers” ever since they did a stint at Grace House for Boys when they were teens. Now the “brothers” are adults, and they are determined to prove to the citizens of Providence that they are productive, law-abiding young men.

There are several reasons that I like Del’s character. First, he is an overcomer. Del was able to move on from his troubled teen years to have a lucrative career with the DEA. Second, although he is still haunted by the circumstances that caused him to resign from the DEA, he is a reputable businessman in spite of Mal Penning, an old  nemesis who is out for revenge because of an incident that happened back in high school. SMH. Talented writer, A.C. Arthur adds another layer to this story with one of my favorite tropes, Friends to Lovers. Enter MercedesGirl1926 a.k.a. Rylan Kent, who hooks up with Del a.k.a GCSports18. You’ll get that when you read the story. Rylan and Del grew up together, and their love journey is hot and passionate. Rylan is also dealing with some issues that stem from her family. Rylan’s family dynamic unfortunately assists in fueling her angst about her future in business. I like the flow of the story as both Del and Rylan, with a little help from their mutual friends and family work things out. There is also a slight hint of intrigue that comes into play.
PLAYING FOR KEEPS is a well-written story that will grab your attention from the opening pages to the last pages of the new year.

Side characters abound in this compelling story. The friends and family of Del and Rylan certainly do their part to contribute to the intrigue of the story and the development of the main characters. From Rylan’s ride-or-die best friend Camy, who just happens to be Del’s sister, to the obnoxious Mal who gets the Boo-Hiss Award because he has no redeemable qualities, the characterization is solid. In addition, I love the drink recipes featured at the end of the story. The HEA is so promising and sweet.

I enjoyed reading
PLAYING FOR KEEPS, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. There is something that troubles me about this series, however. It’s a 2-book series. While Ethan is featured in the first book (PLAY TO WIN), I would love to read the stories about the remaining “brothers”, Lance, Noah, Rock and Jeret, co-owners of the Game Changers Sports Bar. Let’s not leave Camy out who also deserves her HEA. Maybe Ms Arthur will consider expanding the series in the future. (Fingers crossed).

12th September 2020 |