Review: Play To Win
PLAY TO WIN - A. C. Arthur
Artistry Publishing
September 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: PLAY TO WIN opens with a scene that is provocative and scorching hot indicated by a sign on a door that reads, “Blow Jobs 101”. This is what Ethan Henley, the story’s male protagonist, walks up to in the first chapter of this story. It is what happens when he goes through that door that will have you clutching your pearls. However, as you read, you discover that the first chapter was just the prelude to get you ready for a well-developed love story that centers around the reunion trope. Portia Merin, the female protagonist, happens to be conducting the “Blow Jobs” demonstration that has everyone’s riveting attention. She and Ethan have history that goes all the way back to their high school days. She was the nerdy, braces wearing tutor who helped Ethan become the high school’s crown prince of football in Providence, VA. during his senior year. My, how time brings about a change!

“Plain Portia”, as she was labeled in high school, has grown up to be a noted author, intimacy coach, and a millionaire boss lady in the adult entertainment industry. Ethan is a group home survivor, ex-Secret Service Agent, and part owner of the popular Game Changers Sports Bar. I like Portia and Ethan because both of their backgrounds and life experiences are very compelling and inspirational. They each had people and life changing moments that helped to shape their present circumstances. I’ll allow you to discover just how that happened and what brought these two together again to their hometown that held some unhappy memories for both of them. Their reunion in Providence is the heart and soul of this captivating story.

The side characters have key roles in contributing to the intrigue of the story and the development of the main characters. Ethan’s co-owners of the nightclub, Del, Lance, Jerry, Noah, and Rock are all “Brothers” of a second chance in life reunited to prove to the people of their hometown that they are more than the ‘delinquent failures’ that people believed them to be. The Boo-Hiss Award goes to Melissa Bannon Colefield, who is still stuck in her “mean girl” high school role. You’ll get that when you read the story. The HEA is promising and inspiring.

I enjoyed
PLAY TO WIN, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.  It is the first book of a two-book series. That is somewhat problematic because there are so many fascinating characters introduced in this book I would like to see with their own story. Maybe Ms Arthur will expand the series. I wonder who is on board to get their story told in Book 2? I’m looking forward to PLAYING FOR KEEPS, (Game Changers, Book #2).

10th September 2020 |