Review: Now Or Never
NOW OR NEVER - Nyora René
Garden Avenue Press
September 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Author, Nyora René, entertains readers with a contemporary romance story that masterfully revolves around the Friends to Lovers trope. Crystal Harris and her best friend, Brendon Marks, have been friends since high school. They are both successful adults who each harbor a secret that is becoming increasingly difficult to keep from each other.

While the Prologue presents insightful background information about the how the high schoolers, Crystal and Brendon, first meet, it is when we see them as adults that the joy and pain of their relationship hits the fan. I love how their story plays out. Their connection is so tight that they can finish each other’s sentences and communicate with just a look. It is  plain to everyone who knows them that their ten-year friendship is a whole lot more than they profess. However, it is not the insistence alone of their family and friends that causes Crystal and Brendon to finally take that friendship to the next level. No spoilers, I’ll let you discover the proverbial, ‘final straw that broke the camel’s back’ that lands the “friends” in bed. I will say that the love scenes between our hero and heroine are wonderfully sensual, sexy, hot and intense. Just as Brendon and Crystal finally come to grips with their new “lovers” status, something, or should I say someone happens. Prepare for a bumpy ride; all the way to Zanzibar.  You’ll get that when you read the story.

I love the Harris sisters who play critical roles in the story. Ruby, Jade, and Amethyst round out the quartet of Harris siblings. They are opinionated, good-looking, and some savvy sisters. Their stories should be quite entertaining, to say the least. Then there is Elouise who is Brendon’s ex and nemesis. “Boo-Hiss”! I’ll leave that right there. The HEA is everything!

I enjoyed
NOW OR NEVER, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

1st October 2020 |