Review: Never Too Late
NEVER TOO LATE - Brenda Jackson
Harlequin Desire
October 2020 (Reissue)
Catagory Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell  RATING: B+
REVIEW: Romance Queen, Brenda Jackson, regales her readers with a reprint of NEVER TOO LATE, Book #1 plucked from the Forged of Steele Steele Series. This is a super quick engaging read that features friends of the Steele family of North Carolina. Dane and Sienna Bradford are the featured couple. Sienna is best friend to Vanessa Steele (RISKY PLEASURES), which makes her a long-time close friend of the family.

When the story opens Sienna and Dane’s marriage is in trouble. While Sienna’s interior design business is flourishing, her marriage to the love of her life is dying. There are a number of negative factors that play a part in the declining marriage that you will discover when you read their story. The highlight of the story occurs when Dane and Sienna find themselves in a situation that necessitates, they face their failing marriage head on by addressing those things that went wrong. It’s a very compelling turning point in the story, but you could see it coming from the moment Dane and Sienna become casualties of Mother Nature’s fury. You’ll get that when you read the story.

Although the minor characters, the Steele brothers, play a low key role in the story, they come through for our hero and heroine. The HEA is satisfying and a bit predictable.

For those of you who are not familiar with this story that was originally bundled with the Steele series, I’m sure you will find it to be a “love conquers all” enjoyable story. I recommend
NEVER TOO LATE for your reading pleasure.

13th October 2020 |