Review:  If the Boot Fits
IF THE BOOT FITS - Rebekah Weatherspoon
Kensington Books/Dafina
November 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming  RATING: A
REVIEW: Amanda McQueen works as a personal assistant to one of Hollywood’s divas. She endures the verbal abuse of working with this actress because she knows it’s temporary. Amanda left her hometown to become a screenwriter. When the opportunity arises to attend a Hollywood party, Amanda takes it and parties with the beautiful people. Her goal was to relieve some stress and have a great time. She never expected to meet Sam Pleasant or spend a steamy night with one of the hottest actors on the screen. The next morning Amanda disappears, and Sam has no idea who she is or how to get in touch with her. They spend an explosive night together, and Sam wants to see the energetic beauty again. When they bump into each other by chance, it is quite apparent that Sam and Amanda are very attracted to each other and both want a deeper relationship. When their association is leaked to social media out of spite, Amanda’s fears their love affair has come to an end. Sam is a man in love and refuses to let that happen.

Sam is an actor who wins his first Oscar. He has always wondered what it would feel like to reach this level in his career. Although Sam is proud of his accomplishments, he is uncomfortable with the fame that accompanies the Hollywood limelight. Amanda is a plus-size beauty who is comfortable in her skin. She knows who she is and what she wants out of life. Her goal is to become a famous screenwriter, and nothing will deter her from that path. Especially her present employer, whose daily rants are to tear her down.  

Ms. Weatherspoon is two for two with IF THE BOOT FITS, her second book in the Cowboys of California series. Amanda and Sam are an unlikely pair that sizzle in this page-turner. Their story is well-written, amusing and romantic. Their interactions are flirty and vivacious. Amanda feels out of her league with a man of Sam’s wealth and background. But this sensible man is seeking an equally sensible woman to build a future. So this plus-size Cinderella gets her prince and lives happily ever after. Being an excellent writer, the author include glimpses of familiar characters throughout the book. If you want to know more, you have to read the story.

IF THE BOOT FITS is an excellent addition to the Cowboys of California Series. But the passion doesn’t end here. I can’t wait to see what the author has in store for Jessie Pleasant. There is a romantic inside this gentle giant and an aura of mystery. And his story is coming soon!

28th October 2020 |