Review: Here For You
HERE FOR YOU - Pat Simmone
Sourcebook Casablanca
September 2020
Christian Fiction
REVIEWER: Wayne Jordan | RATING: A
REVIEW: HERE FOR YOU is the worthy follow-up to Pat Simmons’s LEAN ON ME and is the second book in her Family is Forever Series. The story is a wonderful story of faith, family and love, and focuses on Rachel, the second Knicely sister. It’s Rachel’s sixth month period to be the caregiver of her Aunt Tweet who is suffering from dementia. Her beloved aunt’s diagnosis has devastated her and becomes more real when she witnesses first-hand her aunt’s inevitable deterioration. However, this situation brings Nicholas into her life.

Rachel and Nicholas are totally opposites. She is the ambitious, outgoing party girl while Nicholas is a considerate gentle individual focused on his commitment to God and helping others. The attraction between the two is immediate, but both are cautious; especially Rachel, who thinks that Nicholas is motivated by his desire to help her aunt. But eventually, she realizes that he is as attracted to her as she is to him.

Experiencing the growth of the relationships is endearing and Rachel’s eagerness to learn and experience the Word gives the relationship a good start. However, Ms. Simmons shows that Christian relationships have their challenges too, and that the road to love is not always easy. This becomes obvious when Rachel has to deal with a health issue. It is Nicholas’s faith and his strength of character that helps Rachel on this difficult road.

There are many aspects of
HERE FOR YOU which are wonderfully written. The story takes a real look at the effects of illness on an individual and the importance of family during these difficult times. This sense of family dominates the book. Both Rachel’s and Nicholas’s family adds significance to the story with the closeness of the relationships.

HERE FOR YOU is Ms. Simmons at her utmost best. Sourcebooks must be complimented for adding this series to its portfolio. Readers who want a story that explores the nuances of life, human nature and the role of faith in our lives will be drawn to this compelling, satisfying read. I highly recommend it and the earlier book, LEAN ON ME.

1st September 2020 |