Review: Claiming Her Heart
Garden Avenue Press
July 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING: A
REVIEW: After the murder of her mother, Silver Garner retreats within herself and begin to hone her skills to become a freelance security expert under the tutelage of her father, a trained assassin. Although small in stature, Silver can be a lethal weapon when the situation warrants. When her brother’s business partner finds himself in a stalker's sight, he is persuaded to hire Silver as his personal security. Having met Carter Tate eight years ago while he and her brother, James, were college roommates, Silver thought Carter to be the worst kind of womanizer. Therefore, Silver concludes that the stalker was most likely a jilted ex-lover and wants no part of the situation. Later, Silver reluctantly agrees to protect Carter. Their association becomes personal, and Silver finds herself protecting the man she loves.

Siler is a social recluse who spends her time working behind a computer screen. Forced into a life of seclusion by her father after her mother's death, Silver carves out a life of contentment until reality forces her to deal with her inner demons. Carter is an engineer and co-owner of a thriving business. He spends his time building the company and has no time for personal relationships. Therefore, he can’t understand why all of a sudden, he has become someone’s obsession.

CLAIMING HER HEART is a love story about a secret obsession,  unrequited love, and a dormant attraction unfolding eight years in the making. The storyline is so interesting and grabs you from the start. The author brings two people together who finally admit that something life-changing happened when they met years ago. The characters are well-defined, and they complement each other. There is just the right amount of drama to add some excitement to the narrative and keep you reading. In the midst of unveiling a crazed admirer, Carter and Silver’s temporary cohabitation is a time of discovery. Carter is able to help Silver shed all the hurt and abandonment she suffered after her mother’s death, and he will finally get the woman he’s been obsessing over for years.

Ms. Taylor is one of my favorite authors and she continues to impress me with her writing skills.
CLAIMING YOUR HEART is an excellent read. I thoroughly enjoyed Silver and Carter’s story. I highly recommend it for your summer reading.

7th July 2020 |