Review: Claimed By The Hero
Garden Avenue Press
November 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Cheryl McNeil  | RATING: A
REVIEW: CLAIMED BY THE HERO is the first book in The Mitchell Brothers Series. Caden Mitchell, a product of an upper class military family, met Savannah Vasquez a few months before his West Point graduation. Savannah has aspirations of being a nurse and helping people. Savannah and Caden have a powerful connection, but perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. Savannah disappeared without a trace leaving Caden, and the reader, wondering what happened.

More than a decade later, Caden has had a successful career in the military. He is currently the Mayor of Baltimore and is taking his political career to the next level. His family thinks he should be married by now and his mother is determined to play matchmaker. Caden, however, has never gotten over his one true love.

Savannah accomplished her goal of becoming a nurse and recently relocated to Baltimore. While Caden is hosting a fundraiser, he realizes his eyes are not playing tricks on him and he sees Savannah.  Savannah couldn’t stay away and is drawn to Caden all over again. His dark, soulful, eyes still have the same impact. Their attraction remains strong and the reunion is touching, but short lived as there are unanswered questions.

The story continues as Caden wants answers. Savannah made the wrong decision all those years ago and Caden was left with feelings of self-doubt. Caden is also shocked about some life changing news Savannah is forced to reveal. He makes quick decisions that are not well thought out and has to balance his career and his personal life. Caden and Savannah’s physical chemistry remains strong, but there are uncertainties about their future. Caden discovers that everything can’t be fixed with sex, although he enjoys trying. Savannah is stubborn and makes it difficult for Caden to extend an olive branch.

Second chance love is one of my favorite themes. Ms. St. John has gone deeper to explore how someone with special needs learns how to interact with someone new. This adds much more depth to the plot. There is a good group of supporting characters to round out the story and even a couple of villains to keep things interesting. Ms. St. John also leaves some breads crumbs for the next book in the series.
CLAIMED BY THE HERO is an enjoyable read that I highly recommend.

13th December 2020 |