Review: Claim the Dragon
Harlequin Carina Press
June 2020
Paranormal Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Versatile author, A.C. Arthur, dons her paranormal writer’s hat to regale readers with the second installment of her Dragon Shifter Romance Series. CLAIM THE DRAGON features Steele Eze, a powerful Drakon Dream Reaper, and Ravyn Walsh, his love interest with an intriguing past. Ms. Arthur’s Paranormal Romance stories are the best! The characters are complex, sexy and fierce. Burgess, Pennsylvania is the setting.

Steele Eze and his brother, Magnum both work for the Legion Security Company whose owner, Theo Masters (AWAKEN THE DRAGON) is a Drakon emperor. The Drakons are dragon shifters, and they have set up shop in the Human Realm (Burgess) to “protect humans from preternatural beings”. I know you have questions by now like, “What is a preternatural being?”. These other-world creatures, vampires, witches and mummies, pose a seriously deadly threat to not only the Drakons, but also to the human species. Kudos goes to the author for including The Legion Glossary that helps the reader understand the Drakon world terminology.

There’s a lot of mystery and suspense woven into Steele and Ravyn’s story. I like that Ravyn is a complicated heroine whose past is revealed in bits and pieces throughout the course of the story. She is tough, caring, and her own woman. Steele is not intimidated at all. Instead, those traits draw him closer to her. Steele is drawn to Ravyn through his dreams, and those dreams involve the Reaper, a creature you don’t want to meet. No spoilers here. You must read the story to discover the connection. I love the scene when Ravyn first sees Steele shift to a dragon. It’s intense and at the same time a bit erotic. Despite the atypical subject matter, Ms. Arthur never neglects the romantic aspect of her paranormal stories. Steele and Ravyn’s love scenes are sensual, hot, and explosive. It’s a perfect blend of the paranormal meets romance that makes her stories so compelling.

The eclectic cast of characters who help to move the storyline along are composed of Steele’s fellow Drakons with their special powers and kick-ass abilities. There is also Cree, Ravyn’s best friend, who has an air of mystery surrounding him. At the opposite end of the spectrum is Temptra, the Dhampir (I’ll let you discover who or what she is). An ancient dagger stolen from the tomb of Tutankhamen draws these major players together in a good vs. evil brawl scene in a graveyard. Classic!

CLAIM THE DRAGON is an entertaining story, and I recommend it. Because of the adept writing of A.C. Arthur, you’ll come away with a whole new perspective on dragons. Trust me.

9th June 2020 |