Review: American Christmas
Harlequin Carina Press
November 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Wayne Jordan  | RATING: B+
REVIEW: AMERICAN CHRISTMAS is a novella and Book #5 in Adrianna Herrera’s popular American Dreamers series. With this book, Ms. Herrera turns the stoplight on two characters, Denpo ‘Yin’ Thuta and Aristide ‘Ari’ Douniama, from the other books in the series. While this can be read as a standalone, a knowledge of the other books in the series does create a more intimate feeling as readers get to revisit previous main characters and get to know more about Yin and Ari.

It’s Christmas and the lovers want to do something special for each other. While this is the focus of the story, other issues arise. Both Yin and Ari are immigrant whose individual goal is similar…to be successful. Too often hard work takes priority over enjoyment of their happily-ever-after. Fortunately, despite a few twists and turns, a bit of angst, they discover that communication and love go hand in hand and that the gift that they already have, is the most important.

While this was a novella, Ms. Herrera is able to work her usual magic and give readers a wonderful story to end the turbulent ‘2020’ year. Readers will be left with that warm fuzzy ‘Christmas’ feeling.

If you haven’t read the other books in the series, you must.
AMERICAN CHRISTMAS is a mere glimpse of the incredible talent which Ms. Herrera possesses. While lacking the fullness of her other work, AMERICAN CHRISTMAS is still the perfect stocking stuffer and a worthy addition to Ms. Herrera’s expanding portfolio.

25th December 2020 |