Review: Agent by Her Side
AGENT BY  HER SIDE - Deborah Fletcher Mello
Harlequin Romantic Suspense
October 2020
Catagory Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING: B+
REVIEW: Private Investigator Kiely Colton and FBI Agent Cooper Winston have always butted heads. Copper is a by-the-book agent, and Kiely is often inclined to break the rules if it gets the job done. When Cooper’s son is kidnapped, Kiely jumps right in to help keep him safe. During their confinement in the safe house, Kiely and Cooper’s true feelings come to light. It was love at first sight for Kiely and Cooper’s son, Alfie. Kiely discovers a nurturer inside she never knew existed. Cooper finds that he can love more than one woman in a lifetime. In the midst of their precarious situation, for Kiely, Alfie, and Cooper, it is a time of bonding and building a solid relationship for the future.

Kiely is an independent woman who works for her family’s PI firm and partners with the FBI on current cases. Her family has her pegged as a career woman with no desire to settle down and become domesticated. Little do they know, nothing could be further from the truth. Cooper is a widower with a two-year-old child. He’s a loving father who juggles fatherhood and his by-the-book job as an FBI agent after his wife passed away two years ago.

AGENT BY HER SIDE is a good read and the fourth book in the Colton 911 Grand Rapids Series. The author created a sweet story of two people finding something they didn’t know they needed or wanted, for that matter. There’s a little drama, a little danger, and lots of love in the mix. The pacing is good with an exciting plot and likable characters. Dialogue between the two main characters is lively and confrontational in some scenes; because butting heads is what Cooper and Kiely do best. But when danger strikes, Kiely and Cooper become closer and discover a deep attraction neither one expected. And of course, little Alfie loves his Ki-Ki, aka Kiely. Ms. Fletcher Mello’s story brings three people together who need each other and go on to form the perfect family unit. Another happily ever after!

AGENT BY HER SIDE is an enjoyable read and I recommend it to other readers. Curl up in your favorite chair and prepare to be entertained

1st October 2020 |