Review: After Hours Redemption
Harlequin Desire
October 2020
Catagory Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING: A
REVIEW: Years ago, record executive, Blaine Woodson, broke Eden Voss's heart to save his record label. He dropped her girls’ group to further his career. Now he’s back in need of her songwriting skills to help an up and coming artist. Blaine is also hoping to reconnect with Eden. He realizes the mistake he made in breaking ties with her and wants her back. Eden is reluctant to accept his offer at first because of their history. Later a medical emergency at home makes the decision for her. Eden plans to keep things strictly business with Blaine. Of course, when the heart is involved, things rarely go as planned. So, it’s no great surprise when Blaine and Eden pick up where they left off. With unresolved issues ever-present between them, will they be able to move forward, or is their relationship destined to fail again?

Blaine is a man who intends to forge his own way in life and not depend on his family’s wealth. Instead of joining the family business, he strikes out on his own with his record label to his father's disappointment. Eden is a talented singer who dreamed of being a famous recording artist when she was younger, but those dreams were shattered by someone she trusted. Seven years later, she is using her writing skills to help other artists.

 is a well-written, enjoyable story of betrayal, disappointment, lost love, and second chances. Ms. Alexander has created another attention-getter to entertain her readers. The plot gives readers a glimpse into the music scene and the up and downs on the road to stardom. The pacing is good and moves along without any hiccups. Characterizations are distinct and easy to envision. The attraction between Eden and Blaine is still powerful and will not be denied. The intervening years had not doused the flame of their desire. These two have unfinished business and well overdue for closure. The author did an excellent job of weaving a captivating story to bring Eden and Blaine to their happily ever after.

AFTER HOURS REDEMPTION, (404 Sound, Book #1) is a good (very good, excellent) story with great characters that’s sure to capture your attention and keep you reading for hours. Don’t miss AFTER HOURS ATTRACTION (Book #2), in March 2021.

4th October 2020 |