A Maverick's Baby Arrangement
Harlequin Special Edition
August 2020
Catagory Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: It’s life changing! That’s exactly what Daniel DuBois and Brittany Brandt discover in this entertaining story that offers an engaging look at one of the tried and true romance tropes, the fake relationship.

The story is set in Montana, and Daniel is a wealthy maverick horse rancher who is looking to expand his business by constructing a resort, a top-of-the-line dude ranch. To help him fulfill his vision, Daniel hires Brittany, a talented and confident event-planner to plan a dinner party that will tout his new venture to the locals.  After a successful initial meeting, Brandy assures the hard-to-please rancher that she’s the woman for the job. However, there is something else the rancher needs besides an event-planner. He needs a wife, and as they say, the plot thickens!

On the outside, Daniel DuBois is a hard-nosed businessman who knows exactly what he wants and accepts nothing less. Yet, few know him as a tender-hearted surrogate dad to one cutie-pie little girl, Hailey. I’ll allow you to discover the circumstances that placed Hailey in Daniel’s care. She certainly changes Daniel and Brittany’s lives when Daniel faces a crisis that could take Hailey away from him. How can a bachelor convince Hailey’s paternal grandparents and the court system that Hailey’s place is with him? Enter Brittany, who receives an offer from Daniel she can’t refuse.

I loved how this well-written story unfolds as Daniel and Brittany, along with Hailey, maneuver through a marriage of convenience and an instant family situation. I’m sure you will agree that that is life-changing. Talented, author Kathy Douglass takes it a step farther as the hero and heroine battle with their personal feelings for each other. Can Daniel and Brittany survive the make-believe family ruse without matters of the heart getting in the way? That, romance fans, becomes a real-life complication.

The side characters who compose friends and family of Daniel and Brittany are instrumental in helping to move the storyline along. The HEA is delightful.

Romance lovers everywhere will find pleasure in this delightful story that presents a novel treatment of the fake relationship. I enjoyed
THE MAVERICK’S BABY ARRANGEMENT, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

3rd September 2020 | romcol@caribsurf.com