Review: Wesley
WESLEY - Leanne Davis
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March 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Leslie Whitfield | RATING: B
REVIEW: WESLEY, The Son Series (Book #1), is a thought-provoking story of Wesley a former foster kid now a young adult. Wesley is homeless and described as a traveler with a wanderlust spirit. The plight of foster kids is conveyed through Wesley’s experience in the system. Wesley meets Tara, Dani, Ryder and Wyatt in a small town and finds a place to finally call home. 

The scene with Wesley running from the police and the descriptions of the police are well written. The reader can easily visualize the scene in WESLEY when Dani threatens Wesley in the barn with a pitchfork as well as the beach scenes both at night and during the daytime. The characters are well developed in
WESLEY and through Tara’s history you are able to understand her reasons for wanting to help Wesley. The internal conflict felt by Dani in relation to her feelings for Wesley and Wyatt are well scripted. The bond formed between Wesley and Ryder comes across as believable and while you’re happy at the relationship between the two of them, it’s sad that as a young adult Wesley is just starting to experience familial bonds that are not toxic.

I enjoyed reading
WESLEY, the predicament that foster kids can find themselves in and the survival mechanisms utilized by foster kids/travelers/homeless people is enlightening. I believe some situations and descriptions of things in the past are repeated throughout the story. At times I found the pace to be slow but overall WESLEY kept me engaged and wanting to find out how the story would end.

28th March 2019 |