Review: Wait No More
WAIT NO MORE - Stephanie Nicole Norris
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May 2019
Contemporary  Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: After the publication of WITH YOUR PERMISSION, author Stephanie N. Norris was inspired to write a spin-off story about Dean St. James. If you read that book, then you will recall that his image appeared on a digital billboard (courtesy of his sister’s fiancé and soon-to-be husband, Raphael Valentine.) Corporal Dean St. James had been serving in Iraq with a squad who specialized in covert missions. He had been absent from his family and his fiancé, Sophia Carter, for six years. Now, in WAIT NO MORE he’s back in Chicago, and Sophia is having a hard time with his return.

Sophia and Dean had been high school and college sweethearts, and their plans to marry and live happily-ever-after went down the proverbial drain when Dean informed Sophia that he had enlisted. When you read the story, you will discover the reason Dean made that decision. A tragic war-time experience happened to Dean after the third year of his service, and he cut off all ties to his family and fiancé. Of course, Sophia is devastated. She is left with an engagement ring, a Labrador retriever named George, a townhome, and enough funds to run and eventually own a night club, the Rendezvous, that becomes a popular spot. However, those “things” did not replace Dean. Six years is a long time to be without the only man you have ever loved. Three of those years are without any communication at all. So, what happens when Dean finally returns? No spoilers because his return is the heart and soul of this novel.

I must give kudos to Ms. Norris for her excellent treatment of a grave condition that many military men and women have become victims. It is known as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). The story line takes a seriously emotional and thought-provoking tone as Dean and Sophia together seek the help needed to address this issue.  Although the chemistry between them is undeniable and palpable, their bond is strengthened when they take the necessary steps to get help.

While I enjoyed reading
WAIT NO MORE, I must admit that it is not the usual sexy, steamy romance that the author is known for. This one ended rather abruptly without the Epilogue that delivers the quintessential HEA. Nevertheless, WAIT NO MORE is a quick, engaging and inspirational read, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.
20th June 2019 |