Review: The Sweet Taste of Seduction
Harlequin Kimani Romance

April 2019
Catagory Romance
REVIEWER:  Jennifer Copeland | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: THE SWEET TASTE OF SEDUCTION by Joy Avery is her newest release. This book brings to life the love story of Delaine Atwater and Ray Cavanaugh. The novel begins when Delaine comes to town after her divorce because her long-lost uncle left her and her brother a vineyard. Delaine comes in contact with Ray Cavanaugh when she is stuck in a traffic jam in Vine Ridge.

Ray Cavanaugh has been trying to buy the vineyard that was left to Delaine from her uncle for years with no luck. Ray is one of the wealthiest people in Vine Ridge. He moved back home to take care of his mother who is sick with kidney disease. When Delanie and Ray meet for the first time the chemistry between them is spontaneous.

Delaine needs some help to bring the vineyard back to life. Her friend, Shayna, who is Ray’s cousin asks him to help Delaine. Ray agrees to help Delaine because he figures that she won’t last doing the work that is involved. If Delaine leaves, he can buy the vineyard from her. He didn’t count on catching feeling for Delaine in the process.

THE SWEET TASTE OF SEDUCTION by Joy Avery, she shows us that two people who feel that they are unlucky in love have a second chance to find love again. Ray felt that he was unlovable and Delaine felt that all men cheat like her ex-husband. Joy Avery shows us that love with the right person can conquer our fears.

I enjoyed reading
THE SWEET TASTE OF SEDUCTION by Joy Avery. I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it. This book has everything that I love to read as an avid romance reader. It has a great storyline, romance, some love scenes, and some conflict. Joy Avery is one of my favorite authors so I was so happy to read this book!

20th April 2019 |