Review:  The Rival Bid
THE RIVAL BID - Reese Ryan
Sinfully Sweet Publishing

May 2019
Contemporary  Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Mekkai ‘Kai’ Arrington is the featured “Gent” for this engaging contribution to The Distinguished Gentlemen Series, and his counterpart is Camilla ‘Cam’ Anthony. They both grew up in Southlake Park, the primary setting for the series. Although talented author, Reese Ryan utilizes a familiar trope, friends-to-enemies-to-lovers, the storyline is fresh and captivating. Mama Peaches, the force behind the bachelor auction fund-raiser for renovating and revitalizing her beloved Southlake Park neighborhood, selects Kai to participate. She took him and his brother in when they were boys to keep them out of the foster-care system. Cam is Kai’s childhood friend and for Cam, her crush, but they parted ways under very bitter circumstances.

Kai, along with his mother, makes his home in Pleasure Cove, North Carolina. If you are a follower of Reese Ryan, then you are familiar with this charming fictional town. Kai, his brother and mother left Southlake Park under very tragic circumstances that you will discover when you read the story. Both Kai and Cam are successful in their businesses, Arrington Builders and Charming Home Design, respectively. While Kai’s business is geared to a more high-end clientele, Cam’s primary concern is restoration and affordability. Do they clash? Indeed, they do, until they are challenged to form an alliance to work together on a section of Southlake Park that can benefit from their expertise. At the bachelor auction, Cam takes the first step to help solidify that alliance. The reason the scene shifts from Southlake Park to Pleasure Cove is a very important component to the storyline’s development. There’s a lot of tension, untruths, and hurtful feelings between Kai, Cam, and their families that need to be resolved, and Pleasure Cove is the ideal place to start that healing process. Also, it’s an ideal place for some sexual healing. Kai and Cam get it on.

As far as stand-out side characters go, Kai’s mother, Lana gets my vote. Her character is instrumental in moving the storyline along. At the other end of the side character spectrum is Kai’s ex, LaDonna, aka La-La, who makes an unwelcome appearance, and gets the “boo-hiss” award.  You’ll get that when you meet La-La. The HEA was everything and then some. I love a heart-warming HEA, and this story brought it big time.

THE RIVAL BID is a delightful and entertaining story that complements The Distinguished Gentlemen Series. I enjoyed it, and I recommend it.

11th June 2019 |