Review: The Heart of Things
Garden Avenue Press

April 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Wayne Jordan | RATING:  A
REVIEW:  With THE HEART OF THINGS, author J. L. Campbell continues the romance started in THE THICK OF THINGS, Book #1 in the In Medias Res Series. At the end of that book, Douglas and Khalila declared their love for each other and the readers assume the usual happily-ever-after. However, THE HEART OF THINGS takes us beyond that declaration and gives us a realistic view of the problems which can challenge a couple’s love and commitment.

Douglas and
Khalila have had a wonderful first year. They are so in love that Khalila accepts Douglas’s proposal. All seems well, until Khalila makes a serious demand. She will marry Douglas…but she wants a baby. That demand becomes the major conflict the couple faces, but a demanding ex-wife and a disgruntled daughter provides even more drama.

Douglas is consistently tested. He dreams of a life with Khalila, but he has not bargained for her demand; he doesn’t want any more children. While I admire Douglas as a hero, this did not sit well with me, but I did understand his initial reservation and was glad he finally came around. Khilila is the strong women. Her determination to have a child is a genuine one. The way she handles Douglas’s ex-wife and his daughter is a testimony to how strong an individual she is.

The chemistry between Doulas and Khalila is off the charts. While the story is sets in multiple locations, the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica becomes a vibrate character. I want to visit the island with its rich culture and vibrancy.

THE HEART OF THINGS is a worthy follow-up to THE THICK OF THINGS. The main characters are richer and more developed, and it was great to see beyond the initial happy-ever-after. What it does hint at the fact that the strength of a relationship lies in the hero’s and heroine’s ability to deal maturely with the challenges they face. I highly recommend this compelling story.

8th April 2019 |