Review: The Contingency Bid
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April 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: They went from friends to enemies to lovers, and THE CONTINGENCY BID cleverly highlights their journey. Bachelor Kadaris Kathan is recruited as a last-minute choice by Mama Peaches, “the mother of the neighborhood”, to participate in the Southlake Park Bachelor Auction fundraiser. The popular Southlake entrepreneur and owner of Kadaris Kuts is most uncomfortable in front of a large crowd to the point that he freezes up. Although Mama Peaches is aware of Kadaris’ phobia, she has the perfect remedy for his condition. Enters Khloe Madison, etiquette coach, darling of Southlake Park, and the granddaughter of Miss Geraldine, Mama Peaches’ bestie and partner-in-crime.

While Kadaris reluctantly agrees to participate in the auction, Khloe reluctantly accepts the challenge of getting him “audience ready” for the bachelor auction.  However, her help comes with a contingency. I’ll let you discover what that entails when you read the book. The challenge is real! During the 10-day deal, we learn a lot about the hero and heroine that goes all the way back to their high school days as juniors. Up until that time, they had been ‘cool’, but things changed after an election their senior year. Although their backgrounds are linked, Kadaris and Khloe’s lifestyles as students and adults are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. However, it is their well-written back stories that provide a great deal of insight in their development to adulthood. I particularly enjoyed how author Sherelle Green creatively closes the enemies to lovers’ gap between Kadaris and Khloe and navigates them to a HEA that is wrapped up in an unforgettable Epilogue.

THE CONTINGENCY BID is another great addition to The Distinguished Gentlemen Series. The storyline is creative and well-developed. THE RENEGADE BID is the next book. It features Kadaris’ brother, Ace Kathan, and it is written by newcomer, Kelsey Green, Sherelle’s sister. So, stay tuned. In the meantime, I recommend THE CONTINGENCY BID. It’s a great read!

23rd April 2019 |