Review: The Closing Bid
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April 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Cheryl McNeil| RATING:  A
REVIEW: THE CLOSING BID is part of The Distinguished Gentleman Series.  Each story is centered around the celebrity charity auction hosted by “Mama Peaches”; the anchor and a Mother figure who has had a positive impact on all the heroes’ lives. Christian Knight is a relief pitcher in Major League Baseball who is winding down his career. Unfortunately, the success of his career does not match some things going on in his personal life. Ashton Cook (A.J.) is a sports journalist who has one goal, and that is to interview Christian. The only problem is he is s very private person.

A.J. is really feeling Christian, and that puts a wrinkle in her goal to keep her business and professional life separate. Ms. Wright comes up with a pretty clever way for A.J. to find out about the celebrity auction, especially since it is in a different city. A.J. is bold and goes after what she wants. As much as Christian wants to dislike A.J., he is very attracted to and drawn to her.

Ms. Wright has created characters that just naturally connect with each other and have chemistry. Even when they are at odds in the beginning, their communication style is like a game both of them want to win. The story is realistic in the sense that a new relationship makes a couple blow off everything to spend time with each other. Christian, as a celebrity, is also used to getting what he wants. They have plenty in common, including their love of baseball.  There were some cute baseball related scenes in the story that lead to them both really letting their guards down and being down for whatever. It’s interesting that A.J. picks a gender neutral nickname so people focus on her work. Christian prefers Ashton, I think to focus on her femininity. On the surface, things move really fast, however the attraction has been simmering for a little while.

In addition to Mama Peaches, the story has fun characters that round out the story. AJ has a sweet relationship with her Mom, who is quite frankly a trip. Ms. Wright always adds funny moments to her stories and this book is no different. A.J.’s interactions with her best friend Katt provide comic relief as well. I must also mention Christian’s interaction with his mentees. He is a really good guy. I like how Ms. Wright highlights life beyond baseball and how Christian gives back to his community.

I have to mention how all the book covers have a similar theme, yet also include specific things related to each story. Overall, Ms. Wright hits a home run with

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