Review: The City Girl's Homecoming
Harlequin Special Edition

May 2019
Category  Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Welcome to Spring Forest, North Carolina, a sweet setting for a sweet romance. The heroine, Megan Jennings, a native New Yorker has selected this small Southern town to relocate. The story opens with a very amusing scene of a man wrestling with a pig. Not only is she captivated by the unique wrestling match, but also by the tall, tantalizing man. Cade Battle, the hero of the story immediately catches Megan’s eye as he wins the battle with the feisty pig. It’s a charming scene that sets the tone for the story.

Megan’s character is very well developed, so as you read, you will discover that she is determined, resourceful and kind. Although life has thrown her some devastating blows, she is also a survivor. Megan is an Attorney.  No spoilers; I’ll let you discover her backstory. One of her most outstanding characteristics is her love of animals which is a major plot point. As a matter of fact, the storyline revolves around her love of “fur babies” and finding them a home. Enter Cade who is instrumental in assisting Megan in caring for the eight dogs and eight cats that she assumes responsibility for. Cade is a farmer who is working to develop his profitable farming business into a farm-to-table business. He has to constantly remind himself that Megan is a distraction, and he cannot entertain her romantically. Easier said than done. It’s also complicated because both Megan and Cade have deep-seated issues of rejection. Their relationship is closely tied to the care and love of the animals.

If you are an animal lover and a fan of sweet romance stories,
THE CITY GIRL’S HOMECOMING is just the story for you. The sixteen “fur babies” play key roles in moving the story along. Other side characters (of the two-legged variety), Cade’s dad, Richard; Birdie and Bunny, the original owners of the menagerie; and Rebekah, the director of the local animal shelter also help to advance the plot.

Megan and Cade’s HEA is satisfying, but don’t look for anything over-the-top or  spectacular. I like this story, and I recommend it. However, I think it will appeal more to those readers who are animal lovers. Keep in mind that
THE CITY GIRL’S HOMECOMING is a Special Edition in what Harlequin has dubbed as the “Furever Yours” Home and Family category. So, all of you “fur baby” lovers, enjoy. This one is for you!

18th May 2019 |