Review: Switched At Bid
SWITCHED AT BID - Nicole Falls
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April 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Another bachelor has been summoned by Mama Peaches, the foster mother and neighborhood mother extraordinaire, to participate in the bachelor auction, the major fundraiser designated to improve the Southlake Park community. Author Nicole Falls introduces us to Maurice “Reese” Kirkwood, Morehouse College graduate and manager to Tyrone Mosely, aka Chi Illa, a longtime friend, and fast rising rapper. As Tyrone’s star began to rise and gain momentum, Maurice experienced a loss. Her name is Alecia “Leci” Woods. While Reese is putting in time and attention to his client’s rising career, he neglects his relationship with Leci, and they eventually go their separate ways. They exist somewhere in the land of “frenemies”. Leci, Reese, and his twin sister, Monica (Leci’s best friend) grew up together in Southlake Park.

Nicole Falls expertly showcases one of my favorite romance tropes, second chance love, as she plays out Reese and Leci’s story. Reese, with the help of his sister, has a plan for the bachelor auction that will guarantee that his bid will not go to one of the “thirst buckets” trying to buy a date. The scene at the auction is hilarious. A tipsy Leci, plus a disappearing Monica, and a worried Reese equal a last-minute bid that saves the day. There’s also a comical reference made by one of the bidders to actor, Diggy Simmons of the TV show Grown-ish. You’ll get that when you read the story. In the meantime, Leci and Reese embark on an overseas adventure that allows them to move forward to the ‘friends again’ stage. I enjoyed this story, and I especially enjoyed the author’s contemporary references and her brand of humor that came through in the telling of the story.

The side characters play their parts well as they help to move the storyline along. There’s a subplot that involves Reese and Monica’s mother that ties into the main storyline. Also, the overseas destination tour is a perfect fit for this story. It not only keeps Tyrone involved in the story, but it also fulfills one of Leci’s bucket list items. In addition, we discover the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” that caused Leci and Reese to break-up the first time around.  Last, but not least, the HEA is sweet and satisfying.

is another great story in The Distinguished Gentlemen Series. Kudos to author Nicole Falls for her engaging contribution to this series. I highly recommend it!

26th April 2019 |