Review: Road to Forever
ROAD TO FOREVER - Sherelle Green
Harlequin Kimani Romance

May 2019
Category  Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  B
REVIEW: Aaliyah Bai and Bryant Burrstone have a love-hate relationship - they love to hate each other. Aaliyah is a Miami boudoir photographer at a company comanaged by close friends. She is a finalist in a photography competition where the prize is the opportunity to work with an acclaimed California photographer and she eagerly anticipates the event. Bryant is being groomed to assume the leadership of his family’s winery and distillery company, but his father feels he needs an attitude adjustment before he will allow the transition.

While considering the components of her contest entry, Aaliyah is offered a complimentary cross-country road trip to California with her Aunt Sarah and her aunt’s boyfriend, Ben Burrstone - Bryant’s father. Much to her dismay, Bryant is also invited on the trip supposedly to visit wineries along the way. Aaliyah learns after accepting the trip that the real reason she has been invited is to use her corporate training and team building skills to help Bryant improve his interpersonal and social skills. Suddenly, this trip has all the elements for an interesting journey.

The road trip proves eye opening for all passengers. Bryant and his father have a strained relationship and major differences of opinion about the future of their business. This trip gives them time to sort out their differences and better understand the reason for each other’s position. Aaliyah and her aunt became close after her mother’s unexpected death, but untold secrets revealed on this trip helped them strengthened their bond. Aaliyah’s tactics to coax Bryant out of his shell reveal the reasons for his cold and distant behavior. They both realize that their opinions of each other are unfounded and that once they remove these barriers each is a warm and caring individual with a lot to offer the other.

ROAD TO FOREVER begins in Miami and treks across country to Los Angeles.  Other characters impacting this journey include Aunt Sarah and her boyfriend Ben Burrstone, Aaliyah’s friends Summer and Danni and Bryant’s cousin Kendrick. Sherelle Green’s storyline of a cross-country road trip is unique. The characters are believable and after learning their backstories very likeable.

This novel emphasizes the importance of communicating whether it’s between family members, business associates or acquaintances. What is left unsaid can be as harmful. Emotions and viewpoints suppressed over time can affect us physically and distort our reality. Expressing them is good for your health.

4th June 2019 |