Review: Duty or Desire
Harlequin Desire

November 2019
Catagory Romance
REVIEWER: Leslie Whitfielf | RATING:  B
REVIEW: RED CARPET REDEMPTION is a good read. The main characters, Dane and Iris, share a son under unusual circumstances. Dane is a Hollywood superstar living life under the microscope of the media. He is trying to clean up his image. Iris is a single mother raising a terminally ill child. Iris and Dane come from different worlds but come together to achieve the same goal, ensuring the wellbeing of their child.

Feeling damaged and believing that she will never be in another loving relationship, Iris has a child through invitro fertilization. Iris was disfigured in a car accident years ago and is carrying around insecurities in relation to her looks. Dane does not want to repeat his father’s mistakes and marry a woman because of a child. He does not believe his parents have a happy marriage and is pretty much anti marriage and happily ever after. Dane’s manager Jason tries to discourage Dane from acknowledging his son and having a relationship with Iris. Jason manipulation of Iris fits well into the story and has the ready routing for the couple.

Leukemia and bone marrow testing for a match is informative and well written.   Dane’s acceptance of his son Jayden is believable as well as Jayden’s readiness to have Dane in his life. The chemistry between Iris and Dane is visible to all who witness them together. Once Dane makes up his mind to have Iris in his life as more than a friend, he does not allow anyone to dissuade him.

Although I enjoyed readin
g RED CARPET REDEMPTION, there were a few typos that were distracting. Overall RED CARPET REDEMPTION is a good book with dynamic characters and wonderful descriptions of the insecurities, likes and dislikes of a superstar. The book tastefully presents invitro fertilization. I can’t wait to find out the connection between Dane’s assistant Morgan and his family.

22nd January 2020 |