Review: Princess of Estoria
Garden Avenue Press

April 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer| RATING:  B+
REVIEW: A moment in time can change a person’s life forever, as portrayed in Delaney Diamond’s new novel, Princess of Estoria.

Angela Lipscomb is a marketing executive focused mainly on moving up the career ladder. There is little time for enjoyment with her demanding schedule but attending her best friend’s wedding is a must! Unbeknownst to Angela this break from her normal routine will result in an encounter that reshapes of her life. Prince Andres of Estoria is happy his best friend is getting married but temporarily forgets his friend’s happiness when he sets his sight on Angela.  Something about her stirs his very soul.  Determined to explore the pull he feels towards her, Andres sets out to pursue Angela despite her objections.  Overtime, Angela and Andres realize they have the makings of something special.  Unfortunately, between Angela’s demanding schedule and his many ambassadorship duties, they have little time together. Then a series of unexpected events force Angela and Andres to face challenges neither welcomes.  For the first time his life, Andres must face what it feels like being unable to have what he most desires. It will truly come down to whether Andres follows his head or his heart.

Princess of Estoria is the very definition of a world-wind romance. The story opens with the introduction of Angela and Andres and their courtship onward is exciting and engaging. The story remains engrossing with various events moving the plot along without lagging moments.

Angela is cultured, educated and experienced. She has the means to take care of herself but also enjoys the pampering of a suitor. Andres is from a world of opulence and wealth, but past tragedies keep him grounded. The characters are well developed and richly drawn, bringing them to life. Seeing characters from
Princess of Zamibia was also enjoyable. Princess of Estoria is an international romance and spans more than one country.

Angela might not be royalty but she has what it takes to adapt in Andres’ world.  She speaks her mind but is not obnoxious.  She loves deeply and is a perfect complement to Andres.  Andres is somewhat bossy but this is attributed to him being royalty. Their communications are spirited and filled with emotion. The language incorporates both cultures resulting in a rounded story.

Princess of Estoria is reminiscent of Princess of Zamibia in that both women embark on a most unusual romance and, ultimately their worth is challenged by their birth. While the novels share a common theme, each novel offers enough uniqueness to ensure readers will enjoy delving into this series once more.

10th April 2019 |