Review: Love Taps
She Love Words Publishing

March 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: LOVE TAPS is a landmark story in the category of sports themed romance. The story revolves around boxing. Not only does author, Aja, effectively utilize a boxing gym as the primary setting for this well-developed story, but she also features a heroine who is a boxer. How cool is that! Francine “Frankie” Waters grew up in her father’s gym and aspires to be a boxer much to, her dad, Frank Waters’, opposition. Boxing is so intertwined in her DNA that her desire is to become another Laila Ali. In addition to this, Frankie is in love with a number one heavy-weight contender, Jackson Knight. He is Frankie’s friend, her lover, and her secret trainer. This couple gives new meaning to the term stablemate.

I like this story for several reasons. First, it is a story about second chances. Even though Frankie and Jackson are clearly a great match, their love journey gets sidetracked by a life-changing decision that derails Frankie’s dreams. It is how they overcome the complicated issues that becomes the heart and soul of this story. Second, I like this story because it gives the reader a ringside seat in experiencing the sights, smells, and sounds of a boxing gym. Kudos to Aja for her meticulous research that comes through in the descriptions of what happens on a daily basis in the life of a boxer at Frank’s gym. Last, but certainly not least,
LOVE TAPS is a story that details a romance between two athletes who desire the best for each other but have to figure out how to make that happen in the aftermath of tragedy and time.

The chemistry between Frankie and Jackson is evident from the opening pages of the story that draw the reader in and never let go. The HEA is gratifying and assuring that the fight for their love was worth it.  Although
LOVE TAPS can be read as a stand-alone, there is a slight connection to the first book of the series, LOVE’S REQUIRED. That connection is through the characters, Logan (Angel) and Cami, the protagonists, who make an appearance in this story.

I thoroughly enjoyed
LOVE TAPS, and I believe you will too. The story, while definitely a romance, is also a capsule look at the art of boxing. Aja successfully combines them to give her readers an entertaining and engaging story. I recommend LOVE TAPS for your reading pleasure.

18th March 2019 |