Review: Know Your Place
KNOW YOUR PLACE - Shelly Ellis
Kensington Dafina/Fiction

May 2019
Mainstream Fiction
REVIEWER: Leslie Whitfield| RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Ricky, Derrick and Jamal met at The Branch Avenue Boys’ Institute in their youth. The 3 men lives are riddled with bad choices that not only hurt themselves but those close to them. KNOW YOUR PLACE (The Branch Avenue Boys Book #2) continues with Jamal as Deputy mayor becoming complicit with the mayor and not exposing the mayor in regard to corruption. Ricky loses everything by falling in love with Simone and revealing Dolla Dolla secrets. Derrick’s fiancé leaves him after seeing him kissing another woman.

The inner turmoil experienced by Ricky, Derrick and Jamal is well written. The hurt felt by Ricky due to Simone’s betrayal is palpable as well as the love he realizes he stills has for her. Derrick’s love for two women and struggle to do the right thing and not hurt anyone is depicted well. Jamal finds himself in compromising situations and when his efforts to do the right thing are thwarted the reader can feel his despair.

I enjoyed reading
KNOW YOUR PLACE because it seemed like a television series: a corrupt politician, drug kingpin, murder, couples breaking up and getting back together. The scenes throughout are described excellently. I could see Cole talking to the security guard and also Derrick in the security guards face ready to fight. In one scene Morgan is referred to as Melissa by Derrick, which confused me for a second. I could see Jamal and the Mayor at the club, as well as Jamal and his interactions with his assistant at the office. Ricky’s pat down at Dolla Dolla’s place and Dolla Dolla taking part in drug use is also vividly written. I’m not a fan of cliffhangers, but I would read the next installment.

KNOW YOUR PLACE is a good read with interesting characters. There is some repetition of situations and Derrick’s relationship with Morgan was mentioned repeatedly as an affair which confused me since they didn’t actually have sex. While the story flows the characters do repeat in their heads some of their problems and situations.

7th July 2019 |