Review: His Pick For Passion
HIS PICK FOR PASSION - Synithia Williams
Harlequin Kimani

March 2019
Catagory Romance
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING: A
REVIEW: HIS PICK FOR PASSION is the last novel in the Scoring For Love Series by Synithia Williams.  The novel depicts friends who must decide whether crossing the line from friends to lovers is worth the risk of discovering lasting love or could leave their friendship a casualty of unchecked passion.

Will Hampton is a well-respected member of the Jacksonville Gators basketball team.  Off the court his family sees him as a shallow playboy with no game plan beyond basketball.  Will is hurt by their lack of faith in his abilities and years of hearing these negative stereotypes have dampened his self-confidence.  Erin is a successful marketing exec, recently relocated to Chicago to advance her career. She is best friends with Will’s sister Kelly and for years has nurtured a secret crush on the high school star now turned MBA superstar.  A challenge from Kelly puts Erin in Will’s sight and their lives are forever altered.  While neither expected it; they immediately realize they have the makings of an enduring relationship if they ignore the naysayers and focus on their mutual connection.  Deep seated doubts creep in when the closest people in their lives express their misgivings.  Will and Erin will have to fight for their fragile love because there is more at stake than friendship as now their hearts are also on the line.

The novel opens with an interesting exchange between Will and Kelly and here Erin is also introduced.  This conversation is immediately attention grabbing and
HIS PICK FOR PASSION develops at a face pace; much like the pace of passion between Will and Erin.

Will is charismatic and a natural leader however, he harbors insecurities fed by his family’s lack of confidence in his abilities.  Erin is beautiful and smart but clearly has her own issues with insecurity.  She is big-hearted and loves deep and this makes her a perfect fit for Will.  It is both sexy and admirable to see her become his fiercest champion when he doubts himself.

The overall language of the novel is contemporary and conversational.  They are several memorable exchanges between Will and Erin throughout their courtship.  From combative to companionable exchanges, there is always of undercurrent of respect.

The title aptly reflects Will’s choice because Erin is the only woman who inspires him to embrace everlasting passion.
HIS PICK FOR PASSION is a wonderful addition and ending to an unforgettable series.  We are introduced to characters who are realistic and relatable, beautiful and flawed but all find love in expected and unexpected ways.  The Scoring for Love Series is perfect for binge reading and I look forward to enjoying this entertaining series again.

11th March 2019 |