Review: Forget Me Not
FORGET ME NOT - Brenda Jackson
Harlequin HQN

March 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Welcome back to Catalina Cove, Louisiana, the fictional picturesque shipping town where prolific writer, Brenda Jackson sets her new series. Catalina Cove is indeed a special place where “heartbreaks can be healed”. FORGET ME NOT is the second book of the series. The heroine, Ashley Ryan, is gifted with a trip to the Cove after suffering a devastating tragedy. The hero, “Ray Sullivan” lives in the Cove, and he and Ashley are drawn to each other. But there’s a conundrum concerning Ray’s identity that becomes the heart and soul of this story.

When the story opens, Ashley Ryan and her husband Devon Ryan are happily married, and planning to celebrate their 5-year wedding anniversary. This is a special anniversary because the fifth rear marks the year of the promise that they made to start a family. This goal-oriented couple worked diligently in their individual fields, made sacrifices and successfully reaped the rewards of their hard work. Everything was going according to the plan until tragedy struck. No spoilers here, but in true Brenda Jackson form, the storyline is infused with a mix of serious drama, a healthy dose of suspense, and of course, some memorable sultry and steamy sex scenes. While Ashley is visiting the Cove, she stays at Shelby by the Sea, the bed-and-breakfast owned by Vashti Alcindor Grisham, the heroine from
Book One of this series, LOVE IN CATALINA COVE. Ashley, after three years of grieving, is trying to reclaim her life, with the help of her girlfriends who gifted her the trip. This town with its historic district, luscious countryside, stately old homes, and friendly people, is definitely the place for Ashley to recover-that is until one day, she sees someone from her past that she would have never expected to see again in her lifetime. I am going to leave that thought right here. The familiar romance theme of second chance love is ingeniously explored in this story.

The side characters are well-developed and are instrumental in moving the storyline alone. Ashley’s friends, Emmie, Kim and Suzanne, and her parents, along with the denizens of Catalina Cove play pivotal roles as encouragers and supporters.  There is Sawyer Grisham, the sheriff, Kaegan and Bryce, characters from
LOVE IN CATALINA COVE, also show up in this story, and they are still at odds with each other. Added to the close-knit group whom Ashley gets to know very well is “Ray Sullivan”, Ashley’s love interest. Why the quotation marks? I promise you’ll understand when you read the story.

I enjoyed
FORGET ME NOT. It is an engaging, well developed story, and a page turner. I also recommend that you read the first book of the series, LOVE IN CATALINA COVE before you read FORGET ME NOT because the character connection is priceless. Enjoy!

1st March 2019 |