Review: Forever With You
FOREVER WITH YOU - Kianna Alexander
Harlequin Kimani Romance

April 2019
Catagory Romance
REVIEWER:  Shirley Flemming | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Savion Monroe is the eldest of the Monroe siblings and also the most serious.  His commitment to the family empire has overshadowed his personal life. He feels that he doesn’t have time for such things if he is to keep the family business successful, especially since both his siblings have recently gotten married. More than ever he feels he has to stay away from romantic entanglements. That is until he decides to act on his attraction to Jazmin Boyd. Jazmin has been attracted to Savion since she moved to Sapphire Shores a year ago. But his apparent lack of interest kept her at a distance until they spent a weekend retreat together. The two of them act on an attraction that had been simmering for over a year. They become close, and that attraction turns into love. Both have a secret they’re hiding. When Jazmin inadvertently reveals Savion’s secret for all the world to see, he feels betrayed and walks away. Will he forgive her or will their love end before it has a chance to grow?

Savion is the CEO of Monroe Holdings Inc., his family’s company. He pretty much keeps to himself since his focus is on keeping the family business thriving.  Lately, he has been wondering if he can have both; a personal life and run the family business successfully. Jazmin is a talented postproduction manager on The Shores, a TV drama filmed locally in Sapphire Shores, her new home. Jazmin had recently ended a tumultuous relationship and was looking for an escape when this opportunity came to her from a friend.  She grabbed it with both hands and never looked back.

FOREVER WITH YOU is a sweet love story between two people who have a lot to offer but are afraid to reach out and take what they want. Of course, the author did her usual good job when writing this book. The plot is good, the characters are well-defined, and the story moves at a moderate pace. Ms. Alexander created two great characters who are well-matched in general lifestyle and temperament. This third entry into the Sapphire Shores series is the story of Savion and Jazmin. Jazmin and Savion have been dancing around their attraction to each other until things finally came to a head during a weekend getaway. Once the passion is released, it’s full steam ahead for these two. I do love a happy ending.

I enjoyed reading this sweet romance. It’s a good addition to the Sapphire Shores series. I recommend it to others.

20th April 2019 |