Review: Forbidden Secrets
Garden Avenue Press

May 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Tiye Love continues the twisted tale of forbidden love in FORBIDDEN SECRETS her second installment in the Forbidden Trilogy. The drama filled love triangle involving Bakari Youngblood and Kameron and Aaron Youngblood continues.  Bakari and Aaron are brothers. Sibling rivalry has tainted their relationship and fuels the underlying tension that continues in this novel. Secrets surface that add additional layers of complication to this love equation.

Kameron and Aaron are approaching their tenth wedding anniversary, but all is not well. Like his father, Aaron is an Alpha Male and instinctively takes charge of his marriage and career. Early in their relationship, Kameron is captivated by Aaron’s charisma and willingly yields to him.  False insecurities tell her she is lucky to have Aaron as her husband and rather than upset him and jeopardize their seemingly perfect marriage Kameron acquiesces control - it’s just easier. As a result, Kameron loses herself, is unhappy and questions her husband’s faithfulness and the survival of her marriage.

Sensing the inevitable, Kameron is warned by her father to not lose sight of herself in her marriage. Her best friend, Tish, accuses Aaron of transforming her into a “Stepford wife”. However, ironically, Bakari is the one who truly enlightens Kameron about the Aaron. The author cleverly leaves the reader to question if Bakari’s motives are sincere or disingenuous. Obviously, he has the most to gain from the failure of Kameron and Aaron’s marriage.

Tiye Love expertly crafts a complex story about love, infidelity and the ultimate betrayal between brothers. This story ebbs and flows continuously with raw emotion. The moral consequences of the attraction between Kameron and Bakari are prominent, but the secrets revealed in this installment lure the reader to be supportive of them one moment and them rooting for Aaron and their marriage the next. The story builds to a crescendo when, during a heated argument with Bakari, Aaron’s perfect persona is exposed.

The setting for the second episode in this trilogy is primarily Washington, D.C. with a significant trip to Atlanta.
In addition to Kameron, Aaron and Bakari, other characters influencing this story include Kameron’s sister, Kandy and best friend, Tish; their respective parents and Bakari’s shallow girlfriend, Leela.

I highly recommend
FORBIDDEN SECRETS. I raced through this page-turner eager for answers only to be confronted with more surprises. I would not recommend this as a standalone. This trilogy is meant to be read in succession as the first installment lays the foundation, this installment builds the walls and the final installment … well stay tuned for the one that caps off this unpredictable tale.

22nd May 2019 |