Review: Forbidden
Garden Avenue Press

April 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Merriam-Webster defines forbidden as “not permitted or allowed”.  Tiye Love transports readers on a sizzling journey that tests the boundaries of forbidden love and questions who you are permitted or allowed to love.

Kameron and Aaron Youngblood met in graduate school at Florida A&M University. Aaron is every woman’s dream - handsome, popular, intelligent and the product of a well-do-family. Kameron is beautiful and intelligent, and the offspring of working class divorced parents. During the “meet the parents visit” and the celebration of his younger brother’s high school graduation, Aaron chooses to propose to Kameron. Emotions are running high as this unexpected announcement understandably upstages his brother’s big day.

Bakari is Aaron’s younger brother and the antagonist of this drama. He is young and gifted and aspires to outshine his big brother which causes underlying sibling rivalry. Bakari’s competitiveness becomes problematic when he affectionately eyes Kameron at their first meeting and boldly steals a kiss. This questionable move is a clear violation of the “bro code” and is the beginning of a complex obsession that is the basis of this novel.

Kameron and Aaron marry and appear to be the perfect couple. They have successful careers and all the rewards this lifestyle affords. They live in Northwest, D.C. which is the general setting for this story. Aaron is a good husband and excellent provider, but with all this, Kameron senses something is missing from their relationship. However, when Bakari is present she is instantly off kilter and consumed with scandalous thoughts that remind her exactly what is missing.

In addition to Kameron, Aaron and Bakari, other characters influencing this story include Kameron’s sister and friends; their respective parents and Bakari’s ostentatious girlfriend.

FORBIDDEN is full of emotion. It is written in first person which places the reader in the driver’s seat so strap yourself in and be prepared for a sensational ride. Tiye Love keeps the reader guessing about Bakari’s motives for pursuing his sister-in-law. Is it for love or for revenge and if for revenge what did Aaron do that merits this level of retaliation? No spoilers here. I highly recommend this unique and steamy storyline that grapples with a moral dilemma that tugs at your sensibilities while you fall in love with these characters but not necessarily their choices.

4th May 2019 |