Review: Forbidden Hearts
Garden Avenue Press

May 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Part three of Tiye Love’s twisted trilogy of forbidden love, the Forbidden Trilogy, continues with a passion in FORBIDDEN HEARTS. This drama filled love triangle involving Bakari Youngblood and Kameron and Aaron Youngblood speeds to an astonishing conclusion. Bakari and Aaron are brothers. Sibling rivalry has tainted their relationship and fuels the underlying tension that continues in this novel. The Youngblood family is understandably torn by the forbidden love. Can they recover?  What can possibly reunite this family? Miraculously, families in crisis gain a resiliency that empowers them to meet their challenges head-on. The Youngblood family is about to be challenged to their limit.

In the last installment Kameron learns that Aaron fathered a child and hid that fact. Aaron’s love child raises doubts about her fertility since years of trying to conceive a child with him was unsuccessful. Suspicions about Aaron’s behavior coupled with this indiscretion and it’s safe to say their marriage is on shaky ground and ripe for some major changes. Kameron sees this as her opportunity to take a break from the marriage. She must decide between exploring a life with Bakari or giving persistent Aaron a chance to right his wrongs and become a better husband. She is torn between her own happiness and the risk of disappointing their families and friends.

Tiye Love expertly navigates a web of infertility, illegitimacy and adultery to craft a page-turner that has more twists and turns than a high-speed roller coaster. Kameron and Bakari agree to major life changes in order to have a relationship, but Aaron is determined to fight for his wife. Despite the constant moral dilemma, I found myself wavering between Team Kameron/Bakari and Team Aaron. Root for the illicit affair or sympathize with Aaron over his botched marriage. The setting for this episode is Atlanta. In addition to Kameron, Aaron and Bakari, other characters influencing this story include Kameron’s sister, Kandy and best friend, Tish; and their respective parents.

This series has transformed me into a die-hard Tiye Love fan, and I am officially hooked! I would not recommend FORBIDDEN HEARTS as a standalone. This trilogy is meant to be read in succession as the first installment lays the foundation, the second installment builds the walls and this final installment tops it all off and will have you gasping in disbelief.

3rd June 2019 |