Review: Expecting Ty's Baby
Black Opal Books

April 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Three months ago, Patricia Owusu and Ty Webber had a no-strings-attached fling. That was their agreement, but three months later Patricia finds out she’s pregnant.  At first, she considers not telling him. Ty lives in America, and Patricia lives in Africa. She reasons that with an ocean between them, how can Ty be a father to their child? When Ty finds out he’s going to be a father; he wants to marry Patricia to take care of her and the baby. Patricia refuses to marry Ty because she’s pregnant. Her father married her mother for the same reason, and he ended up leaving them. Patricia learned the hard way that men can’t always be trusted. She will not take the chance on the same thing happening to her. Ty has an uphill battle convincing Patricia that he cares deeply for her and wants to be with her for the rest of his life.

Patricia is a beauty therapist who lives in Africa and wants to open her own business. She is also very stubborn and independent. Because of her past, she doesn’t believe in the forever kind of relationships. But she has a chance to have it all; her own business and a man who loves her. Hopefully, she won’t allow her past to dictate her future. Ty is a successful financial consultant who travels to Africa for his friend’s wedding. He’s the kind of man who takes his responsibilities very seriously, especially when he finds out about his approaching fatherhood. His mother left when he was a child and he refuses to allow his child to suffer the same fate.

EXPECTING TY’S BABY is an entertaining love story. This book has a good plot with moderate pacing, and it flows naturally. As usual, the author creates characters that are strong, complex and likable. All the good makings of a good story. And I also love reading about the cultural differences in other countries, especially Africa.  Patricia and Ty meet through mutual friends and fall for each other in a short length of time. The problem is they are a world apart. Patricia lives in Africa, and Ty lives in America. It gives new meaning to long-distance relationships. Of course, the author creates a situation forcing them to be in each other’s presence for a time, which allows their relationship to grow.  Patricia’s fear of abandonment almost ruined their chances of forever, but she comes to her senses and reclaims the man she loves. Her public display of affection is amazing. Good ending!

EXPECTING TY’S BABY is another good read by Empi Baryeh. She is on my list of preferred authors. I love her stories and her writing style. I recommend this book to others.

24th April 2019 |