Review: Engaging The Enemy
Harlequin Desire

April 2019
Catagory Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Magnolia Lake, Tennessee is where the Abbott family runs the world-famous King’s Finest Distillery. ENGAGING THE ENEMY focuses on one of the Abbott men, Parker Abbott, who is engaged in negotiations to purchase a building owned by his former friend, Kayleigh Jemison. I love the tried and true romance tropes used to fuel the storyline. Parker and Kayleigh have known each other since childhood, and at one time they were the best of friends. That friendship has taken a dramatic dive, and their relationship is now one of “bitter adversaries”. So, what happened? To answer that question, requires you to read the story. Creative writer, Reese Ryan, not only develops the ‘friends to enemies’ and then ‘enemies to lovers’ themes, but she also devises a fake engagement to add more drama to this couple’s life.

As you read the story, you will discover that Kayleigh and Parker’s problems stem from secrets that have been kept and hidden to fester much too long. These secrets are the root cause of a lot of hard feelings, broken dreams, mistrust, and misunderstandings. In addition to this, Parker Abbott has something to prove to himself, his parents, and siblings that he is capable of closing a prime deal that revolves around the purchase of Kayleigh’s building as the center piece. Kayleigh and Parker are like oil and water, and the author aptly supplies critical backstory gems to help the reader understand what happened to end their friendship.

As I said, there is no love lost between these two, so the negotiation for the building goes south quickly until a phone call from Kayleigh’s ex-boyfriend’s sister insisting that Kayleigh participate in her wedding leaves Kaleigh feeling vulnerable. Kayleigh comes up with an idea that will not only get her through the wedding festivities but will also get Parker ownership of the building. Yes, it involves a fake engagement that Kayleigh feels will help her save face when she sees her ex. It’s quite a dilemma for both the heroine and hero because Kayleigh believes that she is “engaging the enemy” in her plan, and Parker is determined to prove to his father that he is the man to succeed him in running King’s Finest, so he accepts Kayleigh’s terms. The storyline has some provocative twists and turns fueled by another little plan devised by Parker’s sister-in-law and Kayleigh’s friend, Savannah (
SAVANNAH’S SECRETS, The Bourbon Brothers, Book #3). Savannah’s intervention proves to be exactly what Parker and Kayleigh need to get their groove on.

The secondary characters are comprised of the Abbott family members, and Kayleigh’s ex-boyfriend and his family. The stand-out side character is Duke Abbott, Parker’s dad. I think you’ll agree with me after you read the story.

I enjoyed reading
ENGAGING THE ENEMY. The HEA is heartwarming and so very promising once all the secrets have been exposed and explained. I recommend ENGAGING THE ENEMY for your reading pleasure. It’s an entertaining read that employs some of the best romance tropes in Romancelandia.

1st April 2019 |