Review: Deeper Than Love
DEEPER THAN LOVE - Delaney Diamond
Garder Avenue Press

November 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: We learn a little about Nina Winthrop and Reese Brooks in prior books in the Brooks Family Series. A brief, but memorable scene happens during Lindsay (Nina’s older Sister) and Maliks (Reese’s Cousin) wedding. It was the perfect set up for Deeper than Love and the theme of second chance love.

Reese and Nina are both at a crossroads in their lives. Reese loves computers and technology, but he needs to make sure he’s ready to take the Chief Information officer position at Brooks Enterprises. Nina has never gotten over Reese breaking her heart. She has spent years traveling, finding herself, and figuring out what role she wants to play as sole heir to her Father’s hotel empire. She thinks she has found the right Man for her; that is until she sees Reese for the first time in a few years.

I like the way Ms. Diamond takes the reader back to show Reese and Nina as young adults in Love. She details important events in their relationship. They were really friends and Nina didn’t realize how much she missed that. At the time, Reese was too immature to handle what they had.  He’s determined to show Nina that he’s changed and he’s not giving up, even though Nina is not really available. It’s evident in every scene that Ms. Diamond writes that they remain attracted to each other.

Reese really believes in Nina’s ability to run Winthrop enterprises and her passion for helping others. He has traits of an Alpha male, but he is also very supportive of Nina’s hopes and dreams, and truly cares about her. He doesn’t try to convince her to do something else like others in her life. His Love of her mind makes him even more attractive in my opinion.

I was intrigued by the title,
DEEPER THAN LOVE, because I didn’t quite get it. I found myself waiting to see where Ms. Diamond mentioned the title. When Reese finally says to himself that his feelings for Nina are ‘deeper than Love’ and when Nina later expresses it, I finally got it. The way Ms. Diamond puts it in context is perfect.

It’s always good to get updates on the Brooks family and the Johnson cousins as well. Matriarch Sylvia Brooks, as we learn in previous books in the series, is no joke. If she wants to know something, she will find out. There is always a villain that raises their ugly head, and there were a couple in this one. I have truly enjoyed this series and highly recommend it.

1st January 2019 |