Review: An Outlandish Bid
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April 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Prolific author EJ Brock is certainly not a new author to me. I have read many of her highly acclaimed stories that fall in the category of Paranormal Romance. However, this story finds Ms Brock adeptly stepping out of her comfort zone and regaling us with an engaging Contemporary Romance short story. Before we get to the Southlake Park Bachelor Auction that the series’ storylines revolve around, the reader gets caught up in the fascinating lifestyle of Lieutenant Taylor, the hero of the story and a memorable character. Early in the story we recognize that there is only one woman who can go toe-to-toe with the demanding, self-proclaimed lifelong bachelor, and multimillionaire. That woman is Octavia Washington, his personal Investment Banker.

Even though Lieutenant is another one of Mama Peaches, the neighborhood mother, success stories, his success looks better on the financial pages than in the personals. She summons him, just as she does the other bachelors of the series, to participate in the auction that will raise money for the renovation of her beloved Southlake Park community. Just like the other bachelors, Lieutenant reluctantly agrees to participate. Lieutenant’s personal life is riddled with issues that go all the way back to his childhood. No one knows this better than Octavia. Although Lieutenant trusts Octavia with his complete substantial fortune, he does not trust her enough to heed her advice to seek therapy for his issues. No spoilers here. You will have to read the story to discover the depth of the hero’s dilemma.

Ms. Brock is a storyteller extraordinaire, and her skills stand out in this story. Humor, sorrow, and elation strategically dot the storyline to produce a wonderful read. You will find yourself seriously rooting for Lieutenant and Octavia who compliment each other in so many ways. They have a strong yin and yang relationship that powers the storyline. Lieutenant’s journey to rid himself of the haunting effects of a traumatic childhood is the heart and soul of this story, but the bachelor auction is the proverbial cherry-on-top. It’s a great scene, and the Epilogue provides a gratifying HEA that celebrates the end to a rough start.

I enjoyed
AN OUTLANDISH BID. It’s an excellent addition to Distinguished Gentlemen Series, and I recommend it. E.J. Brock hints at the end of the story that there might be more to come. I sure hope so! Welcome to the world of Contemporary Romance, Ms. Brock. You did good!

1st May 2019 |