Review: Alex
ALEX - D. Camille
Sable SiStars

April 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: I am unapologetically a lover of all things in the Diamond Universe. That includes the Black Diamonds, the Uncut Diamonds, and the Heirs. Alex, the son of Black Diamond, Sean Jackson and Lily Masters-Jackson, and Xavier’s twin is now twenty-five, a genius, like his father; a telepath, like his twin; and soon to become Lead Council for Black Diamond Holdings, is the hero of this book which bears his name. Alex has no desire to settle down with a wife like his twin, that is until a woman dressed in pink catches his eye one day as he looks out his office window. Alex is compelled to find out who she is. This woman is the warrior, Kessha Blackman of the Senegalese Blackman Clan and daughter of the Griots. She is assigned to protect and serve Princess Skye Parker, daughter of Sun God, Ray Parker, another Black Diamond, and Isabelle Martin-Parker. If none of this is familiar to you, then you are missing out on some great reads.

Alex’s story chronicles not only his love journey with Kessha, but also, Skye’s wedding, and a revenge plot straight-out-of-Senegal. Alex and Kessha together are the most formidable and unique couple that has been presented so far. They are so powerful together that it takes a while for them to grasp the enormity of their union. Since Kessha has been trained as a warrior, she is reluctant to step out of that role to become Alex’s lover. It takes a trip to Senegal to confer with the Griots to help Kessha understand her future role as Alex’s partner. At one end of the spectrum, the storyline is packed with intrigue, mayhem, and death, and at the other end, it is brimming with love of family, culture, and life with Alex and Kessha at the center.

While the Heirs, the children of the Black Diamonds, are a dangerous and a powerful group in their own right, they receive guidance and advice from the Uncut Diamonds. One of the best features of the book occurs when the original Black Diamonds, and the Uncut Diamonds appear together in the story. It’s a family reunion! As an added bonus, we travel to Senegal for wedding festivities. The HEA for the featured couple is wonderful. However, creative author, D Camille leaves the door open for the next story. There are some questions that remain concerning protection for Six, the Heir-apparent Sun God, and the introduction of Garrett Porter, a tech genius who could be useful in helping the heirs spread positive content and images to our people. Stay tuned!

I enjoyed Alex’s story. It is my favorite of the Heirs Series so far. He and Kessha together are unstoppable which makes the Heirs more powerful. I recommend ALEX, and the two series (Black Diamond and Uncut Diamonds) that precede it. Check them out. You will not be disappointed.

8th April 2019 |