Review: A Promise Fulfilled
KevStel Publications

December 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A+
REVIEW: Talented author, Unoma Nwankwor has penned another engaging story of faith, love, healing, and forgiveness with African culture as its framework. It will warm your romantic hearts. The story is appropriately set during the Christmas season, a season that highlights the greatest fulfilled promise. As she is known to do, Ms. Nwankwor selects Africa has a backdrop. However, for the first time, a fictional town, Tweede Kans Cove (translated Second Chance) located in Morocco is the setting. It’s Christmas time and in this part of Northern Africa, it snows. Who knew? I have read previous works of this author where the setting is Africa, and I always learn something new about the culture and the people which is an added bonus.

Yasmine DuBois-Arazi, the General Manager & Director of Operations of the family-owned Grand Amour Spa & Resorts and Kojo ‘Keyz’ Sarbah, the talented and creative genius music producer of 891 Crew are the protagonists of this compelling story. Theirs is a story of second chance love, and I loved everything about these two. Their backstories are enlightening and give the reader great insight into their young lives. While their backgrounds are completely different, they have so much in common. They both are haunted by bad memories where they each experienced love and loss. Moreover, there is a chemistry that exists between Yas and Kojo that is undeniable. The theme of second chances is woven throughout the story. We see it in the DuBois-Arazi family and in the life of Kojo. It takes about eighteen years and a lot of life experiences, good and bad, before Yas and Kojo are reunited. The Christmas scenario that brings them together is so appropriate. The song, “I Still Promise” perfectly tells their story. Kudos to the author’s creativity!

The DuBois-Arazi family members comprise the side characters. This venerable family, Matriarch Lady Olivia DuBois or Grandma Olly, and Mustafa, Omar, and Salma, Yasmine’s siblings follow in the footsteps of strong African families for which the author is known. I look forward to reading each of the siblings’ stories in the coming books of this promising series. The HEA is quite satisfying. I love the final score: Christmas 4- Yasmine-Infinity. You’ll get that when you read the story.

A PROMISE FULFILLED is a captivating story that I highly recommend for your reading pleasure. In addition, the author has graciously included a Glossary of French/Arabic Translations to make for a smooth reading experience.

14th December 2019 |