Review: A Prince of Paper
Harper Collins/Avon Impulse

May 2019
Contemporary  Romance
REVIEWER: Cheryl McNeil | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Ms. Cole has written an interesting story line for each book in The Reluctant Royals Series. In A PRINCE ON PAPER, Nya Jerami is trying to change how she has been viewed over the years, because of her Father’s influence. She returns to Thesolo for the royal wedding of Prince Thabiso and her cousin, the future Princess Naledi. Prince Johan von Braustein is Thabiso’s best friend, but more importantly, he is the “step-prince” of Liechtienbourg. He uses various antics to take the focus off his younger brother, Prince Lukas, the true heir to the throne.

Nya and Johan have been mentioned in previous books in the series. They are mentioned just enough to make the reader wonder how these two complete opposites will get together. Their first encounter on the flight to Thesolo is pretty awkward. After that, they naturally fall into flirting with each other. Nya seems so innocent and Johan is so... not. Although in a way he is, because he’s never been in love. As Ms. Cole reveals more about them, we see how Nya brings out Johan’s vulnerabilities. They are both dealing with insecurities and they also have a strong desire to help people.

Most people in Thesolo either avoid Nya or have brief interactions with her because of her Fathers’ crime and because of the image he created for her. She assumes that Johan avoids her for the same reason, but he actually avoids her because of his attraction.

I like how Ms. Cole captures the inexperience of Nya and the “over” experience of Johan, and how they meet each other were they are. They become intimate pretty quickly, but not necessarily in the physical sense.

It is good to get an update on characters from prior books. There is a comedic banter between the characters (Johan and Nya, Nya, Lexi and Portia, Nya and her Grandparents, etc.) that is unexpected and refreshing. Ms. Cole also touches on issues that countries are faced with like political unrest.

Ms. Cole has a creative writing style and I enjoy her use of metaphors. Some of the plot twists are totally unexpected. With A Prince on Paper, she has written another story that is rich in dialogue and will take time to dig into.  I also really like the cover. It captures the theme and the vibrant colors draw the reader into the story.

19th June 2019 |