Review: A Groom Once Again
A GROOM ONCE AGAIN - Patricia Sargeant
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May 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Wayne Jordan | RATING: A
REVIEW: A GROOM ONCE AGAIN is the second book in Patricia Sargeant’s Meet The Bridegroom Series and follows the second-chance at love of Asher Tomlin and Zora Dabney.

Asher and Zora have a history. They were married and have been divorced for three years. They were a perfect team as scriptwriters, but unfortunately, their marriage fell apart. While married they had both desired to start a family, but never got around to it. When Asher reaches out to her for assistance with the script for the documentary his company is working on, she agrees to work with him under one condition - she wants a child from him.

Her demand is at the center of
A GROOM ONCE AGAIN and sets up a wonderful story of second chances. The book is about mature individuals (they are in their forties) who love each other but must now put aside differences to find love again. From the beginning, I was routing for Asher and Zora. Asher is cautious and cynical while Zora is impulsive and not afraid to speak her mind. While they seem to be the total opposite in personality, there is just something about them that seems to be right when they are together.

Ms. Sargeant not only gives you a special love story, but as with the other books in the series, she included information about the
Sellsville Sluggers, Ohio’s, twentieth-century black baseball team.

Ms. Sargeant is one of romance’s best authors. Her books are wonderful stories of love that transcend time and place.
A GROOM ONCE AGAIN is a perfect example of her ability. I highly recommend this book and A GROOM TO THE ALTAR, the first in the series. You won’t be disappointed!

12th August 2019 |