Review: A Bid On Forever
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April 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: If you are looking for a fresh twist on a tried and true romance trope, second chance love, then Joy Avery’s A BID ON FOREVER is the book for you. Mama Peaches, the catalyst behind the renovation and revitalization of her neighborhood, Southlake Park, is also the foster mother of the neighborhood who took in children, loved and nurtured them to become successful adults. When Mama Peaches calls, her “Gents” answer. Trent Thatcher answers the call to return to Southlake Park, Illinois from Charlotte, North Carolina to participate in a bachelor auction, an important fundraiser that will generate much needed funds for the Southlake Park revitalization campaign. Growing up in Southlake Park holds a myriad of memories for Trent, some good and some bad. Macie Shaw, as far as Trent is concerned, falls in the bad memory category. For Macie, Trent was the love of her life until a bad decision caused them to break up.

It’s been three years since Trent and Macie were together, and their reunion comes as a surprise to both of them. I liked this couple because the moment they are reunited, it is evident that the chemistry is still there. They are still in love with each other, but how they handle that chemistry and the feelings they still have is the heart and soul of this story. By the time Trent, the “Carolina Bandit’, is called to the stage the night of the auction, Macie is feeling no pains from the home-made “Joy-juice” supplied by Miss Geraldine, Mama Peaches’ wig wearing partner-in-crime. What occurs after that is a very amusing bidding scene. The setting shifts from Southlake Park to Charlotte where Trent and Macie enjoy some time together after three years of being apart. No spoilers; you’ll have to read the book. However, I will say that the HEA is everything!

The side characters are supportive, challenging and they add depth to the story. Collette, Macie’s bestie, and Brayden, Trent’s assistant are stand-outs in their roles.

A BID ON FOREVER is a delightful and engaging story that I guarantee will satisfy your romantic sensibilities.  I recommend it, and the other books of this series.

1st July 2019 |