Review: Wild Thought
WILD THOUGHTS - Delaney Diamond
Garden Avenue Press

August 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Cheryl McNeil | RATING:  A
REVIEW:  WILD THOUGHTS is book three in the Brooks Family series. This book takes off running on the first page. I had to remind myself from the synopsis that Malik is the one that’s celibate, but Lindsay definitely is not. Lindsay Winthrop has a podcast which focuses on sex and dating and Malik Brooks is a metal sculptor and a cousin to the wealthy Brooks clan. He was mentioned in Book #2, DO OVER. In preparation for her book release, Lindsay needs a stand in for the fiancé her publisher thinks she has and Malik needs someone to help him sell his business. Seems simple right? Of course not. Lindsay’s got sass, is forward and is not afraid to live her life by her own rules. Malik is an introvert who has been practicing celibacy, which has helped him focus on his craft.

Ms. Diamond definitely has a way with words. I love her description of Malik as a “grits-eating, steak-and-potatoes, thick-as-hell man.” Ms. Diamond has described Malik in a way that has the reader eager to learn more. He’s downright sexy. Once we get to know Malik, we find him to be caring, giving and more than confident. He’s cocky. He constantly catches Lindsay off guard with his directness. These two have plenty of “wild thoughts” about each other. As a reader, we often think we know where a certain scene is going. Ms. Diamond definitely surprises us and throws in a twist that we least expect. I had to chuckle at Malik’s misfortune, however he more than makes up for it.

Despite the fact that Malik and Lindsay start with a fake arrangement, things become real, very quickly. At some point the reader feels a conflict coming. The hope is that Lindsay gets in front of it and handles it differently. The relationship expert doesn’t know how to handle the conflict in order to ensure her own happiness. Insecurity also rears its ugly head.

The secondary characters add to the story. I enjoy the bond Lindsay shares with her sister. She gave her some real advice when she needed it. Malik also shares touching moments with his Uncle and cousins. Malik’s Cousin (and Ella Brooks brother from
DO OVER), Stephen Brooks is a mess and a half! The character descriptions, interactions and general scenery paint a great visual for the reader. I also love the cover. It highlights key components of the storyline. WILD THOUGHTS is a fun read with flirty characters who have a sense of humor. A reader can whizz through this book in a weekend, but there is plenty of substance and laughter along the way.

1st September 2018 |