Review: Wherever You Are
Harlequin Kimani Romance

June 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Cheryl McNeil | RATING:  A
REVIEW: WHEREVER YOU ARE is the second book in The Jacksons of Ann Arbor. It features Dr. El Jackson and Avery Montgomery. El, who is mentioned in the first book, is Dr. Drake Jackson’s “Uncle Brother”. El and Avery met at the University of Michigan and dated until Avery ended things to pursue her career in entertainment. A speaking engagement at their Alma Mater has brought Avery back to town. El and Avery’s brief encounter in the beginning lets you know that there are unresolved feelings between the two.

Shortly after their encounter, Avery is devastated by a health crisis she is experiencing. As much as she tries to push El away with her frustration and anger, he can’t stay away. His profession as a psychiatrist causes him to naturally have a positive outlook and he is just what Avery needs, even though she doesn’t want to admit it. However, sometimes Dr. El doesn’t follow his own medical advice.

Elle’s writing style allows you to connect with the characters. I’ve read most of Elle’s books and the male leads are always someone you will fall for. El is no different.  Several parts of the story had me smiling as I read about El’s caring and sweet spirit. Don’t get it twisted, a little bad boy comes out at just the right time. There are also times where El forces Avery to be strong. The theme of the book is second chance love, and this is becoming a favorite theme of mine. We learn a lot about their past relationship and hope they can come back together again.

The secondary characters are strong. Avery’s best friend Jess is more like a sister. I enjoyed reading a little more about Drake and El’s relationship and of course getting an update on Drake and Love. El is Drake’s uncle but they are very close in age and are more like brothers, thus the “Uncle Brother” title. It’s refreshing to read about Men who have a real bond, but also don’t cut each other any slack. The “villain” from Book #1, Dr. Lawrence Jackson, El’s Brother, strikes again; this time trying to control his brother’s life.

I truly enjoyed
WHEREVER YOU ARE. It can be read as a stand-alone, however, I recommend starting with Book #1 because I really enjoyed that one as well.

29th June 2018 |